Uniforms imply remaining the same in all cases and at all times. SIG attaches class and glamour to providing this product regardless of the category.

Come to SIG and live with class beyond the eye in uniforms.

SIG specialize in;

  • Corporate wear
  • School wear
  • Hospitality wear
  • Health wealth wear
  • Factory wear
  • Promotional apparel
  • And accessories.

Leather Materials

SIG aspires to be the leading supplier of world-class quality leather in terms of bags, shoes, and wallets. We have specialized in ladies’ bags, purses, shoes, wallets, etc. Our touch of creativity, innovation, and uniqueness has left our customers with a smile  

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Shaika Textiles

SIG provides general designs in textiles as well as customized to our client’s requirements.

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Al Messaned, Al Bataeh, sharjah UAE