The textile industry is primarily concerned with the design, production, and distribution of textiles. Over the years the industry has evolved calling for timely creativity and innovation that SIG has provided a solution for in areas of; clothes, shoes, home utility, and bags to mention but a few.

SIG along with our partners have excelled and set up world-class facilities that provide customers with what is beyond their expectation.

Shaika Exports and Imports

Importing and exporting requires quality documentation to satisfy the regulations of Countries. The value of the documentation is that it enables trade between entities who don’t know each other. The parties are able to trust each other because the documentation provides a common framework and process to ensure that each party will do what they […]

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Shaika Suites

SIG provides modern customized suites for all occasions including (but not limited to) conferences, parties, dinners, traditional functions, church, engagements, and office space.  

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